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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding machines are very efficient if they can access a tree stump for removal. They are configured with a grinding wheel that has teeth.   The wheel spins and is operated back and forth to slowly grind a stump.  A stump is usually ground out below ground level.  Most of the time, a new tree can be planted right in the same spot where the stump previously existed and was ground out.
Stump grinding is often cheaper than a complete stump removal because it doesn't involve digging, cutting away roots or hauling away the trunk.  However, stump grinding is not an option in places where any building development would be performed on or in the vicinity of the stump.

Tree Trimming

Stump Removal

In a full stump removal, the stump must be dug out of the ground and its root system must be cut before it can be removed.   This option is much more labor intensive, especially if the stump is to be completely removed from the premises once it has been extracted from the ground. The cost of a stump removal can also be further complicated by things like rocky soil, wood hardness, tree location with respect to surrounding structures and stump diameter.   Whatever option is chosen, BH Tree promises to do the job at the most competitive price that quality and safety will allow. All of our work is done with customer satisfaction as our end goal.  Call today for a free quote on our professional services.

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Very Experienced: We have a lot of experience and we're great at what we do. Tree Service is ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs out there so its important to pick a company with at least 10 years experience.

Licensed and Insured: This means the homeowner is protected from any liability should an accident occur. We train our crew on strict safety guidelines, & we do whatever it takes to protect your property and our staff, even if it means bringing in more equipment for a project such as cranes.

Our Reputation: We have built a strong base of loyal customers in Grand Rapids, if you want to hear some cross references that's no problem with us. Just give us a call to find out what past customers of ours to contact.

Affordable Pricing: We always quote a fair price based on our experience and knowledge in what it takes to get the job done properly. Call us today to get a Free Estimate, you may be pleasantly surprised at our great rates.

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